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Adam Thompson


I primarily use a combination of EMDR, BWRT, and neurofeedback to help people break free from unhealthy patterns, improve their mood and focus, and increase their ability to thrive. My psychotherapy experience has been centered primarily in healing trauma and addiction, mostly working with individual adults and some teens. I've invested heavily in interventions that create fast and permanent changes.  


At times, the mind and nervous system are stuck in ways that talk therapy and even EMDR can't sufficiently change. That's where neurofeedback comes in. It uses specialized software to train the brain's electrical activity to reflect more healthy patterns. It can do marvels in treating diverse emotional, psychological, and cognitive problems such as ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, brain injury, learning disorders, PTSD, and addiction. The best results I've seen are when I combine both modalities. Clients often walk away feeling freed from afflictions that have weighed them down for years.


120$ for therapy sessions and 50 - 85$ per neurofeedback treatment. To create an appointment or ask any questions, 


call (801) 921-4640 


or email me at



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